Who We Are

We are a group of freelance journalists.

We want to report news and opinions about human rights and the democratic process in Myanmar. 

We are nonpartisan, unbiased, independent and aim to show different sides of the issues.

We believe in humanity and want to bring all people together. 

We want to promote peace and justice through media.

We want to promote tolerance and pluralism among different ethnic groups in Myanmar. 

We try to give a voice to marginalized communities.

We listen to different opinions and we accept criticism.

About CEO

  • My name is KM.Lwin from Yangon.

  • I am 20 years old.

  • I am studying department of Law in Dagon university.

  • And I  am working  for civil society to promote youths peace and diversity .

  • I started since 2015 then I organized a team for the purpose of education and youth empowerment.

  • I am arranging training and workshop for the youths to become diverse youths.

  • I found social media to shows up every people's voice of Myanmar.

  • I started posting news on Facebook after that I made articles on this website between the end 2015 and the beginning of  2016.

  • Nowadays, we become a team with the peoples who loves doing with us.

  • We started this all of things to do together.

  • We still doing together as our best.